Products warranty

Scope of warranty policy by Ten Stones

Warranty only applies by the warranty policy of the product company, Ten Stones will not have any reliability if the product are not covered by its original company warranty policy.

Ten Stones Pty Ltd only has the reliability on assembly servicing.

Ten Stones Products: Twelve (12) Month Warranty

All Ten Stones' products are provided with 12 months of warranty to its customers, ensuring that the material will be free of manufacturing defects. The warranty is valid after the date of installation. In terms of being decided by Ten Stones or regulated by warranty service agent that a fault in the material exists during 12 months, Ten Stones will definitely, at its sole option, repair or replace the faulty regarding to the following warranty provisions and exclusions.

Terms and Conditions


The warranty will NOT apply to:

The responsibility for damages generated in whole or part by acts of God, conditions of job site, exterior installations, architectural designs, constitutional movement, acts of ruin, or accidents is not belonging to Ten Stone

The warranty period can be extended to the original buyer and may be altered or accredited. Additionally, a receipt of buying or other evidence of date of original purchase will be asked before the warranty service is delivered. If altered, a new warranty license must be submitted together with the purchasing evidence. The new warranty will be binding for the remaining time since the authentic purchase.

This warranty does not make any express or applied warranties of merchantability or fitness aiming particularly, apart from those expressly provided herein.

All care is taken upon installation of bench tops. Ten Stones P/L does not accept any responsibility of damaged goods and/or chattels on the premises as a result of dust, which is created when the cutting of stone is done. The owner/client acknowledges that it is their responsibility to cover all floor covering, appliances and anything else in the room which may be damaged by dust.